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Contact Us

Qingdao Zhongxingda Rubber Plastic Co., Ltd

Puji Industrial Park,
Jiaozhou City, Qingdao


Enterprise culture refers to an enterprise’s guiding ideology, business philosophy, management outlook. It includes standard of value, business philosophy, management system, ideological education, code of conduct, moral criterion, custom, ceremony and the image. It does not just mean spiritual contents, but also include social psychology, skills, methods and the special way of the company’s self-growth.


The focal point of enterprise culture is to emphasize the motivation and the decisive role of people under the direction of enterprise concept and spirit. It underlines people-oriented management and interpersonal relationship to stimulate the sense of respect, honor, achievement, and mission so that we can arouse people’s initiative and enthusiasm. One significant part of modern management is to establish and complete enterprise culture. Different countries lead to different enterprise culture as different enterprises have different enterprise cultures. Most of outstanding and successful companies have strong and powerful enterprise culture, which make great contribution to the development and coordination of the company and establish good images.


The enterprise culture of Qingdao Zhongxingda Rubber Plastic Co.,Ltd is: people in harmony, excellence, innovation and service.


The core of the culture system of Zhongxingda is that every member of our company has an unchangeable sense of belonging and relies their own spirit and ideas on the development and future of the company.


There is no doubt that values are the most important core of the culture system of Zhongxingda. It represents the direction that all the staff strive for and supplies philosophy quintessence and spiritual foundation for code of conduct in daily life. Enterprise culture is a media and a way that passes to every staff by high-level cultural literacy, well-planed cultural etiquette and purposely sought cultural atmosphere under the guidance of people-oriented philosophy.


 Everyone of Zhongxingda believes that if there is no culture in a company, the company must be an ordinary one. However, an ordinary company can’t get any chances to defeat others in intense-strength and high-level competition. The culture of our company, Zhongxingda, has gone through more than ten years and helps our company establish a good credit and image. Owing to that, we own the attribute of liberty, brightness, positivity and making progress. Our culture has become an indispensible part of our company. It is the fresh air that we every member rely on to breathe in.